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I’ve been reflecting on how lonely and discouraging it can be as a female leader, especially in nonprofits and ministry, as an entrepreneur or creative freelancer, and during career transitions.

COVID has exacerbated isolation and ushered in solitude, reflection, and questioning on top of natural life changes. There are many seasons of life – a baby is born/adopted (or not), children start school or leave the nest, unexpected illness arises, restructuring happens, promotions are gained, retirement comes early, new ideas gain momentum. In this time, many of us are making sense of vocation.

In reaching out to other women, these sentiments resonated with many and brought different women to mind. A few of us dialogued, and envisioned a space where we listen, awaken, and grow together towards God’s original design for our lives, particularly in our work.

In these summer months, where campfires, s’mores, and neighborly conversations abound, I wonder what it could look like if women gathered around the proverbial fire pit to encourage and pray for each other vocationally? So let’s find out together!

Who: Women who seek vocational encouragement and community

What: A faith-based group focused on building camaraderie and gaining traction on the journey 

Zoom (and tentative retreat setting in December for local participants)

10-11:15 am CST second Fridays, September 10, October 8, November 12, and Dec. 10

Sign up by September 3rd. Space will be limited to foster a relational atmosphere.